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Vehicle Charger Options

Is there a vehicle charger available for the Asteri X-Series receiver?

WARNING: Tri-Global does not recommend charging an Asteri GNSS receiver in an environment that is not temperature controlled.

Yes, purchase the Asteri vehicle charger.

It should be noted that charging an Asteri GNSS BLE model receiver while the device is powered on, especially in a vehicle, can result in power surges that damage the circuitry. Not sure if you have an Asteri BLE or Asteri MFI? See the difference between BLE and MFI devices.

However, Tri-Global recommends the use of an external battery charger. The Asteri external battery charger (PN 008-0000-0009) can be used with a DC adapter or inverter to charge a spare battery while the primary battery is in use.

Purchase the Asteri external battery charger (cables not included).

Alternatively, a universal charger may be used. Tri-Global recommends the Re-Fuel Universal Charger by DigiPower.

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