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Basic Introduction

This is an overview of the Asteri Xi-Series (MFi) and Asteri X-Series (BLE).

The all new rugged Asteri Xi-Series GNSS mapping receiver that is Made For iOS! With a fully integrated antenna design, users can achieve mapping grade accuracies using real-time networks or by connecting to an optional external antenna for even higher accuracy.

No post-processing required! The Xi-Series is capable of Multi-Constellation GNSS Tracking and Real-Time Data Collection right out of the box!

A basic overview of the Asteri Xi-Series (MFi) GNSS receiver

L.E.D indicators:

The X3i has 3 L.E.D indicators for Power, Satellite Connectivity, and Bluetooth Connectivity. The X2i and X1i will only have the Power and Bluetooth Connectivity L.E.D's

All Xi-Series (X3i, X2i, X1i) have 4 L.E.D indicators for Battery Level.

4 LED's indicates 100% battery power remaining

3 LED's indicates >75% battery power remaining

2 LED's indicates >50% battery power remaining

1 LED indicates >25% battery power remaining

1 flashing LED indicates <10% battery power remaining (consider charging soon)


Only charge the device while OFF.
Make sure to fully charge your battery before use.

On the backside of the receiver is the battery door. Lift the tab and turn counter-clockwise to release the door. Insert the battery gently into the housing with the contact tabs facing down. Replace the door and turn the tab clock-wise to secure the door shut.

Connect the two-piece power cord and insert the LEMO connector end into the power port on the Asteri device.
*Be sure to line up the RED DOT on the cable with the slot on the bottom of the housing.

This is a "pin" connection, so be careful not to force the connection. If lined up properly, the connection will be easy.

Plug the AC adaptor into a power source and you will notice the battery LED's begin to pulse.
After the battery has achieved a certain level of power, that LED will stay lit.

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