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Connecting to iOS- BLE

These instructions are for connecting the Asteri X-Series (BLE) to a iOS device for use within Orbitas.

For connecting a Asteri Xi-Series (MFi) to an iOS device, please refer to Connecting to iOS-Mfi.

Pairing an Asteri X-Series (BLE) to an iOS device for use in Orbitas is super simple.
Because of the nature of BLE devices (Bluetooth Low Energy), Orbitas will automatically look for data coming from the Asteri X-Series.

There is no need to pair directly to the iOS device itself. Instead follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the Asteri X-Series
  2. Launch Orbitas
  3. In the main Orbitas settings ensure that ILS is turned OFF.
  4. Bluetooth light on the Asteri X-Series should now be on.

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