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Connecting to iOS- Mfi

These instructions are for connecting the Asteri Xi-Series (MFi) to a iOS device.

For connecting a Asteri X-Series (BLE) to an iOS device, please refer to Connecting to iOS-BLE.

Ensure Bluetooth is ON within the iOS main settings

Turn on the Asteri receiver and place in clear view of the sky before you begin pairing to your iOS device.
This will allow the receiver to acquire a good position fix while you complete the pairing process.

On your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc..) go into the MAIN SETTINGS and ensure BlueTooth is ON. If off, click on the slider bar to turn ON

Look for “ASTERI-(last 3 of SN)” in the list of Nearby Devices, and select it to connect.

It should now say “Connected” next to the receiver name.

You will know the receiver is paired when the BT light on the receiver turns ON.

Ensure Bluetooth is ON for application within the iOS main settings

Check to make sure that Bluetooth is ON within the main app settings on your iOS device. On the iOS device go into SETTINGS and select your application from the list. In this example we are using Orbitas. You will see several selections. Make sure Bluetooth is ON. If off, click on the slider bar to turn ON. Your application should automatically connect to your Asteri GNSS receiver. If it does not, simply close Orbitas and relaunch.

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