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Connecting to Windows

  1. Ensure your Asteri GNSS receiver is powered on and nearby.
  2. On your Windows laptop or tablet, navigate to SETTINGS.
  3. Click BLUETOOTH.
  4. Ensure that Bluetooth is ON.
  6. Click BLUETOOTH.
  7. Browse until you find your Asteri device. Your Asteri device will have the name "Asteri-XXX," where "XXX" indicates the last three digits of your Asteri GNSS receiver's serial number. The serial number is located underneath the battery.
  8. This may take a moment.
  9. Once found, click on the Asteri device name to add.
  10. Once paired to the Asteri device, navigate to MORE BLUETOOTH OPTIONS and click it.
  11. Click on COMports. Your laptop or tablet will assign a COMport. Use this COMport within your desired program to use your Asteri GNSS receiver.
  12. Look for your device on “Outgoing Serial Port 1” and note what virtual COM number is assigned to it. Example: COM5.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Navigate to your application of choice. Your COMport would be your virtual COM (in our example, COM5).
  15. Please note the BAUD rate for Asteri MFi X1i and X2i is 38400.
  16. The Asteri X3i BAUD rate is 19200.

Please contact your Tri-Global representative for information on older Asteri models.

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