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Is there a basic overview of the Asteri receiver?

Please take a look at this quick video- Getting Started I: Overview of the Asteri X-Series
video iconGetting Started I: Asteri X-Series overview

How can I use the MFI Xi-Series with my ArcGIS Field Map app?

This is a tutorial video to demonstrate how to connect an Asteri MFI Xi-Series GNSS receiver to ESRI ArcGIS Field Maps.
video iconUtilizing the Asteri Xi-Series with ESRI ArcGIS Field Maps

What is the difference between the Asteri BLE X-Series and the Asteri MFi Xi-Series receviers?

The Asteri MFi Xi-Series (GOLD label) is "Made for iOS" and is compatible with any iOS device version 8 or greater. There are 3 accuracy models within the Asteri MFi Xi-Series suite, meaning you can use the Xi-Series to connect to Orbitas Field or any 3rd party iOS based data collection software, allowing for high precision collection. If using Tri-Global’s Orbitas Field, please ensure you have the most updated version.

The Asteri BLE X-Series (BLACK label) "Bluetooth Low Energy" is Tri-Global's original high accuracy GNSS receiver. It is only compatible with an iOS device running UtiliPad or Orbitas for data collection. The BLE may also be paired with a Windows tablet or laptop running OS 10 or greater.
pdf iconAsteri MFi vs BLE

How can I tell how much battery life is left on the Asteri reciever?

The battery L.E.D display represents 100% charge, 75% charge, 50% charge, and 25% charge. When the 100% L.E.D. light goes out, this indicates the receiver has less than 100% charge left. When the 75% L.E.D. light goes out this will indicate the receiver has less than 75% charge left. When the 50% L.E.D. light goes out, this will indicate the receiver has less than 50% charge left. Finally when the 25% L.E.D. light goes out, this will indicate the receiver has less than 25% charge left.

Is there a warranty, and what is covered?

Technical repairs and support under warranty are offered to any registered user of Asteri GNSS hardware for a period of one (1) year after original purchase unless otherwise extended. Hardware warranty maintenance extensions are available at time of purchase or at any time prior to their expiry.
pdf iconAsteri Limited Warranty

Can I pair the Asteri receiver to a Windows laptop?

First make sure you have the Asteri X-Series BLE edition (Black label). The MFI edition (Gold label) will NOT connect to a Windows laptop/tablet. Go to your main settings on the laptop or tablet and find your Bluetooth settings. Ensure Bluetooth is on. Find ‘More Bluetooth Options” and select it. Click on COMPorts and click ADD. Ensure your Asteri is on and in range of your laptop/tablet. Select OUTGOING and browse to find your Asteri device. Once found click on it to Add. Next make sure you select SERIAL PORT as the service and click OK. Your laptop/ tablet will assign a COMPort. Use this COMPort within your desired program to use the Asteri X-Series receiver. For an additional connection method refer to this video for help. Please note this video demonstrates connecting to a Windows 10 laptop.
video iconConnecting the Asteri Receiver to Windows 10


Can I purchase a vehicle charger instead of the optional X-Series Power Kit?

Asteri Navigation does not sell a vehicle charger accessory for the X-Series. It is recommended to charge the battery externally. However, review this .pdf for our recommendation on 3rd party chargers.
pdf iconSupported Asteri recevier Vehicle Charger

I can't get my Asteri receiver to connect via Bluetooth, are there any steps to take to connect?

Depending on what model of Asteri you are trying to connect (BLE or MFI) you need to ensure some basic settings are correct. Check out the “Difference between the Asteri BLE and Asteri MFI X-Series receivers” FAQ for more detail. Please refer to the “Connecting Asteri MFI.pdf” for connecting the MFI model of Asteri. For connecting a BLE model please refer to the “Connecting Asteri BLE.pdf - If you are trying to use the Asteri BLE model with a Windows laptop/tablet, the light will only come on when you are actively using the Asteri within your chosen program. You can also refer to the “Troubleshooting Bluetooth.pdf”
pdf iconConnecting Asteri BLEpdf iconConnecting Asteri MFipdf iconTroubleshooting Bluetooth

How can I send my Asteri receiver in for evaluation or repair?

Please click the link below and fill out the repair request form and send to the listed address.


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