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Atlas® GNSS Global Correction Service

Tri-Global is honored to offer the very best in GNSS based correction services!

Atlas® is an innovative, industry-leading GNSS-based global L-band correction service offering from Hempishere®

Providing robust performance at competitive market prices, Atlas is a flexible and scalable service, delivering its correction signals via L-band satellites to provide accuracies ranging from meter to sub-decimeter levels. Leveraging more than 200 reference stations worldwide and with L-band satellites distributing Atlas corrections, the entire globe is virtually covered. The Atlas GNSS global correction service provides correction data for GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo constellations.
When using multi-frequency hardware, like the Asteri X3 and X3i, Atlas corrects more satellites than ever before, which creates faster convergence times and is robust and reliable in canopy or foliage covered areas. With both single- and multi-frequency hardware, Atlas achieves instant global sub-meter positioning accuracy, comparable to, and typically more robust than SBAS, since Atlas corrections contain data from multiple available constellations.
Unleash the true power of the Atlas GNSS global correction service with the innovative Atlas aRTK™
Satellite-Based RTK Augmentation. This aRTK technology operates on any Atlas-capable device by enabling it to operate with RTK-level accuracy, availability, and reliability when RTK corrections fail. If the unit is Atlas-subscribed, it will continue to operate at the subscribed service level until RTK is restored.
3 Service levels available:
50 cm 95% (30 cm RMS)
H30: 30 cm 95% (15 cm RMS)
H10: 8 cm 95% (4 cm RMS)
Positioning Accuracy: Atlas provides positioning accuracies down to 2 cm RMS in certain applications, often exceeding competitive systems’ capabilities
Positioning Sustainability: Cutting-edge position quality maintenance in the absence of correction signals
Convergence Time: Industry-leading convergence times of 10 – 40 minutes
Scalable Service Levels: Offering monthly and yearly subscriptions
Atlas service area
Learn more about how Atlas can help you achieve the best accuracy possible for your mapping and GIS project by contacting your local Asteri Navigation representative or taking a further look at https://atlasgnss.com/Home
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