Pairing BLE - Windows

How can I pair my Asteri BLE receiver to a Windows laptop/tablet?

First make sure you have the Asteri X-Series BLE edition (Black label). The MFI edition (Gold label) will NOT connect to a Windows laptop/tablet. Go to your main settings on the laptop or tablet and find your Bluetooth settings. Ensure Bluetooth is on. Find ‘More Bluetooth Options” and select it. Click on COMPorts and click ADD. Ensure your Asteri is on and in range of your laptop/tablet. Select OUTGOING and browse to find your Asteri device. Once found click on it to Add. Next make sure you select SERIAL PORT as the service and click OK. Your laptop/ tablet will assign a COMPort. Use this COMPort within your desired program to use the Asteri X-Series receiver. For an additional connection method refer to this video for help. Please note this video demonstrates connecting to a Windows 10 laptop.

Connecting the Asteri BLE to a Windows laptop