The All New Asteri Xi-Series

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Precision that is Proven, Dependable, and Repeatable!

Time and time again, the Asteri X3i proves it belongs at the top of the Mapping & GIS class. Highly precise, reliable, and mobile, the X3i is perfect for any project. Learn about what goes into accuracy and precision with GNSS receivers.

Asteri Xi-Series & GNSS Accuracy Explained

Integrated for precision mapping.

The Asteri Xi-Series is fully integrated with theses highlighted solutions to provide precise GNSS based positions and added features within the software!

The Asteri Xi-Series is MFI.
*ANY iOS device will recognize the Asteri receiver as a valid location source. Any mapping software on iOS that can access the Integrated Location Service (ILS) will be able to utilize the high precision of the Xi-Series!

What is MFi?
MFi (Made for iOS) is Apple's Certification Program.

*iOS version 1.10 +